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Call for submissions: Clan Journal 2021

Who do you think you are?

Places: Continuing our Journal theme of Identity

In 2019 we asked our clan members to reflect on what it means to be part of Clan MacGillivray living outside Scotland. The 2019 Clan Journal published 22 stories that explored that question. We expected to examine this question more fully with clan members from other countries at the 2020 international gathering in Scotland, before it was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are interested in providing more opportunities for our members to reflect on their ‘Scottishness’, but this year we want to focus on the theme of Place.

2020 was a year where travel and free movement - once taken for granted by so many - became a luxury. With so many of us unable to travel to Scotland for the postponed international gathering, the new ‘COVID-normal’ has made many of us appreciative of the places we live and our local communities, as well as nostalgic for the places we wish we could go.

For the 2021 journal, we invite our members to reflect on the important places in their lives and in their MacGillivray family heritage. Is there a place in Scotland that you have visited (or would like to visit) that particularly resonates with your family immigration story? What places in Australia are important to your family heritage, and how did your ancestors come to make those places home?

Thinking about this issue is significant when we look at one of the aims of the Clan MacGillivray Society Australia, which is:

To provide insights into the part played by Scots in the history of Australia, especially by MacGillivrays and their descendants.

We hope you can find some time to prepare a story about Place or any other stories for our 2021 Journal. The deadline is 30 September 2021. Please email your submissions to

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