• Mary McGillivray (Media Manager)

A message from our Clan Commander

Yesterday we received our first letter from our newly appointed Clan Commander, Iain MacGillivray. He thanks the international Clan community for their support and says he feels "pride and joy" to be our Commander for the next five years.

Iain MacGillivray goes on to say that he wants to "create a close connection with all MacGillivrays, whether in Scotland or in the many countries around the world where our Clan is represented". We look forward to building a strong connection with Iain on behalf of our members here in Australia.

Attached to his letter was a 90 day plan, in which Iain has highlighted his vision for Clan MacGillivray:

"To create a sense of presence and unity among the Clan MacGillivray worldwide and champion the values of kinship in the 21st Century".

Read Iain's letter and 90 Day Plan.


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