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We are actively collecting information on MacGillivray family histories (of various spellings) in an effort to create a database collection to share with others around the world to assist with present and future genealogy research.


Recently retired Clan Archivist Heather McGillivray, worked very hard to compile information relating to MacGillivrays and their descendants. Heather depended on Clan members sending details of their families. She included them in the database which has 18,000 names and 5,390 families.

Welcoming our new Clan Archivist - Lynda Collier


We welcome Lynda Collier to the Clan committee as our new archivist and researcher. Lynda has over twenty years experience in genealogical research which she documents on her website





John Clifton Boyd (1872 - 1953)

Mary Jane McGillivray (1880 - 1960)

Image: Lynda Collier

Lynda Collier - Clan Archivist





As the MacGillivray Australian clan archivist I collate our collective MacGillivray

history. In the past members have supplied their family histories in paper or gedcom format. I have been lucky enough to find through distant relatives a family tree of my own MacGillivray family from Sleat on the Isle of Skye that has enabled my own research to go further back. The tree was written by the niece of my three times great grandfather after she travelled to Australia. She also wrote about their journey from Skye to Sale (then Flooding Creek) in Victoria. All of us have different family ephemera passed down through family branches. These family trees, diaries, notes, and stories may help others with their research.


I would welcome copies of such items as part of building up our MacGillivray story and history along with your gedcoms. Some of you will have done further research and may need to supply us with an update. We have a number of books that may help you in your research.




Thank you for contacting the Clan Archivist. We will reply as soon as possible.

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