The Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Clan MacGillivray Society in Australia

Bendigo was bursting with sunshine and bagpipes were booming on the afternoon of Sunday October 30 when, at the stroke of 12 pm the Golden City Pipe Band proudly paraded into the MacGillivray Hall marking an historic Scottish-Australian event which was a celebration to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Clan MacGillivray Society in Australia. The significance of this occasion was augmented further by the presence of the Commander of Clan MacGillivray, Iain Donald MacGillivray, who had travelled from Scotland to attend. Members, families and friends of Clan MacGillivray and the Confederation of Clan Chattan had come from all over Australia, to pay tribute to the clan, welcome the Comman

40th Anniversary Gathering - Secretary's Report

On Sunday the 30th of October we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Clan MacGillivray Society Australia. MacGillivray Hall in Bendigo was the ideal place for our Gathering. Clansfolk mostly from Victoria with a few from Queensland and New South Wales met in the Hall named after the noted scientist and Bendigo doctor, Paul Howard MacGillivray. The Golden City Pipe Band greeted guests as they arrived at the Hall built in 1885. This excellent band played during the afternoon and one of their pipers, Emily Earl, also danced. About 90 clan members and friends were introduced to our newly appointed Clan Commander, Iain Donald MacGillivray. Iain and his brother Michael were our special guests who t