Iain MacGillivray: Our new Clan Commander

As many of our members know, Clan MacGillivray has been without a chief since the death of John William MacGillivray XIII of Dunmaglass in 1914 and John Farquhar in 1942. Since then no-one has been able to satisfy Lord Lyon – who has jurisdiction over all heraldic business in Scotland – of their blood connections in order to become chief. Recognising that the Clan was without a “leader”, in 1973 Lord Lyon appointed Canadian George MacGillivray as Commander. Following George’s death in 1994 the clan has been without a chief or commander. In 2015 a group led by the Clan MacGillivray International Association began a process to appoint a new commander. The regulations set out by Lord Lyon are s

Iain MacGillivray approved by Lord Lyon as Clan Commander

We have received a note from Elizabeth McGillivray (Secretary to the Clan MacGillivray International Association) to announce that Iain MacGillivray will be appointed as Clan Commander. I am pleased to announce that Dr Joseph Morrow, QC, the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland, has now granted a Warrant for the preparation of a Commission appointing Iain Donald MacGillivray as Commander of the Clan MacGillivray for the next five years. - Elizabeth N McGillivray, Secretary to the Clan MacGillivray International Association Congratulations to Iain!

Berry Celtic Festival - 28th of May

We have been advised that the published date in our Dunmaghlass newsletter for the Berry Celtic Festival was incorrect. The Festival will be held on the 28th of May. We also advise that the Lachlan Valley Railway train will not be running to Berry this year. Click here for more details.