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​We are the first Clan MacGillivray Society formed anywhere in the world.


In 1975 a small group of dedicated enthusiasts in New South Wales set about forming the Clan MacGillivray Society, based on the fact that electoral rolls showed in excess of 800 adults of the name scattered across Australia, with the largest concentration in Victoria and New South Wales. 


Our first Clan Gathering in 1976 in Sydney was a great success, and since then there have been equally enjoyable well attended functions in Albury, Melbourne, Sydney and Wingham. In recent years our national gatherings have fallen away, however several large MacGillivray family groups continue to hold their own local reunions, bringing together in friendship the descendants of specific pioneer couples.










Clan MacGillivray members enjoying their Gathering in Perth, 2011.

Clan MacGillivray banner
First Clan MacGillivray tent, Ringwood Highland Games, 1984.

First Clan tent, Ringwood Highland Games, 1984.


Euan McGillivray - Commissioner for Australia, Secretary & Treasurer

Euan is retired and living in Melbourne. His background is in museum curation, management, exhibitions and preservation. He has a keen interest in social history and recording of stories, especially through photography. 

Jill McGillivray - President

Born in Tallangatta, Jill is a descendent of John and Sarah McGillivray of Drumnacloich who came to Australia in 1848. A founding member of the Clan MacGillivray Society Australia, Jill's interests include family history, politics and reading. 

Lynda Collier - Archivist

Lynda is an historian, genealogist and photographer who has her MA in History from Monash University. She blogs about her family and others she finds in her research on her website

Mary McGillivray - Media Manager

Mary is an art history student at the University of Melbourne. She works as a video editor and is passionate about new media, art and design, history and the Eurovision Song Contest. 

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Clan MacGillivray is based in the state of Victoria. We have State Representatives for South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland who help us connect with clansfolk from all corners of Australia. State Reps can be contacted for information regarding local events and gatherings. 

We are currently seeking a Representative for Western Australia, and a New Zealand correspondent.

If you would like to apply, please contact us. 

Andrew MacGillivray - South Australian Representative

Andrew is a descendent of William and Marjory MacGillivray. Andrew was a butcher by trade and now works in vinyards. He is also the Executive Director for Comedy Capers Gang Show, a variety show for scouts. Andrew and his wife Kathleen have three children and eight grandchildren.

Alan Shaw - Tasmania Representative

Decendent of Thomas Shaw born in Morayshire in 1710, Alan emigrated to Tasmania with his family in 1952 at age 12. He joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1959 and later the Tasmanian Fire Service. Alan has been a Clan member since 1993 and is a life member of Clan Chattan Association.

Robert Ratcliffe - New South Wales Representative

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Janette McGillivray - Queensland Representative

Janette was born in 1956 in Brisbane and has three children and one grandson. Her research on both sides of her family goes back to the early 1500s. She has met many relatives in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, England and Scotland. Janette's research is ongoing because there is always someone, somewhere in her family tree waiting to be discovered.

Deborah Horrocks - Northern Territory Representative

Deborah is a retired Northern Territory Police Officer, who served 36 years mostly served in Darwin and Tennant Creek. She can trace her Macgillivray Ancestry back to Lagg at Dunmaglass, through her three times great grandmother Janet Macgillivray. Janet married Hugh Shaw and their children emigrated to Australia. Deborah is descended through their daughter Catherine Shaw.

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The Society is governed by a council, with provision for a Patron for Australia to be appointed. In 2017, Clan Commander Iain MacGillivray appointed Euan McGillivray as Commissioner for Australia.

Other members of the council are the President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist, Journal Editor, Media Manager, a regional representative for each State and six ordinary members. At each Annual General Meeting, all positions, except those of Patron and Commissioner are declared vacant.




  • To keep alive and to pass onto future generations, an appreciation of the history, language, culture and traditions of our heritage.


  • To provide insights into the part played by Scots in the history of Australia, especially by MacGillivrays and their decendents.


  • To come together at regular intervals in that very special spirit of kinship, which is perhaps one of the most worthy features of the ancient highland way of life.


  • To establish a registry of MacGillivray families in Australia and their histories as an aid to present and future genealogical research, which might otherwise be lost forever.


  • To work side-by-side with the Clan Chattan Association, bearing in mind the important part played by the MacGillivrays in the great confederation of clans.

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