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Important notice for Clan members from Euan McGillivray

Members will recall that I wrote to you all in December 2023 saying that I will be
stepping down from my official roles in the clan in 2024. It’s been a great pleasure to be involved in managing clan activities and meeting online and in person passionate MacG clan-folk. However, for the Clan Society to continue, someone needs to step forward to take it over.


If your senses are excited by the music, dancing, literature and historical traditions of Scotland, if you delight in the tartan and its pageantry, if you thrill to the sound of the pipes - then come and join your very own Clan MacGillivray Society and enjoy the kinship of our MacGillivray heritage.


Our website provides information about the Clan's history, structure and publications, as well as family stories and genealogical research services. 


We are always looking for members to submit family stories for publication in our annual jounal and our website. If you have any stories to tell (or historical photographs) to share with your clan, please submit here.


Become a member today

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